Vanjangi Hills

Vanjangi Hills is heaven for those who love fog and cold weather in the winter months. Vanjangi is among the tranquil spots to go to within South India. If you're not scared to take a risk, Be prepared to be mesmerized by the breathtaking hills of Vanjangi Hills. It is a dream to explore the hypnotic views capped with snow. It is one of the best winter destination in Alluri sitarama raju district, Paderu village.

Trekking, camping, and nature walks are popular activities in the Vanjangi Hills. The best time to visit is during the winter months, from November to February, when the weather is cool and pleasant.

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Vanjangi Hills is accessible by road and rail, with the nearest airport being Visakhapatnam. The best time to visit Vanjangi Hills is between October and February when the weather is pleasant and the greenery is at its best.

Vanjangi Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants

Vanjangi HILLS

Resorts & Hotels

You can use website to book hotels in Vanjangi, Lambasingi, Paderu, Araku. These websites offer a wide range of options, from budget to luxury hotels, and you can filter your search based on your preferences.

vanjangi hills


There are also many restaurants in the town of Paderu that serve Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisine. If you're looking for street food, you can find vendors selling a variety of snacks like Bamboo Chicken. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available.

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Vanjangi Hills has several scenic trekking trails that offer stunning views of the surrounding hills, and forests. You can camp in the midst of nature in Vanjangi. Several camping sites offer basic facilities like tents and campfires.

How To Reach Vanjangi Hills

Paderu is the nearest town to Vanjanagi Hills, and you can easily access nearby cities like Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada or Hyderabad via private car or bus. Once in Paderu, you can hire a local taxi or auto-rickshaw to reach Vanjangi Hills within the valley.
Araku Railway Station offers excellent train connectivity from across India. Take the train from Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada or Hyderabad and arrive at Araku. Upon reaching Araku Station, you can hire a taxi or take local buses to Vanjangi Hills in Paderu.
Lambasingi train
Train (IRCTC)
Visakhapatnam International Airport (VTZ) is located approximately 120 kilometers from Paderu and can be reached using cabs or bus services.
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